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Adapt and Overcome

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Adapt and Overcome Compact Shave Kit by STOUTHEART Shave Company is more than just a miniature travel shaving kit. Adapt and Overcome comes with a four piece razor, shave soap, shave brush, built in mirror, blade storage, and a pliable metal hook that allows you to hang the kit from almost anything. 

Adapt and Overcome also doubles as a survival tool. Giving the user a signal mirror, a magnet to make a compass from a pin. The option to easily turn the kit into a dry kit to store timber, matches, lint and other dry material for fire starting. There is a laundry list of other possibilities for this kit as well. Watch our Adapt and Overcome video for more survival ideas.


Adapt and Overcome is currently being redesigned to be tougher, more rugged and adding a new printing to the top of the container. It willl be making it's triumphant return in Spring 2017.