DASH FIRE CANDLES - Safe Harbour By Dash Fire Candles

Safe Harbour by Dash Fire Candles

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Safe Harbour by Dash Fire Candles. Featuring two of our light wood wicks, giving a calmer and more soothing burn while lit. Safe Harbour hosts a warm and comforting wood blend mixed with light spice and a hint of smokey cedar. Smells just like a warm and safe place. 

50% of every Safe Harbour candle sold goes directly to Pyjama Patrol. Safe Harbour will only available at WWW.STOUTHEARTCANADA.COM

For this project we have partnered up with Pyjama patrol, a local chairty who finds warm pyjamas, bedtime stories and personal hygiene products to children in need. Since 2015 they have helped many food banks, shelters and schools in and around the Ottawa area. For more information on Pyjama Patrol please visit www.pyjamapatrol.com

Dash Fire Candles are 6OZ. Dual Wood Wicked, soy wax candle. 40+ Hour burn time. They burn clean and even. The wood wicks do not leave soot on the glass. Candle containers can be reused for anything you like after they are emptied. Containers are easily cleaned using a gentle soap and warm water with a clean wipe.

Always keep woodwick clipped to 1/4 inch before lighting. Leaving the wick longer than this will cause black smoke. Simply pinch off burn parts of the wick or clip with scissors. Do not leave burning for more than 4 hours at a time, and do not leave a lit candle burning unattended. Avoid burning within reach of children, pets, or blinds/curtains. Enjoy!