Premium Beard Oil Blend - Valiant Premium Blend Beard Oil

Valiant Premium Blend Beard Oil

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Valiant smells of winter forest and citrus. It's a sharp, handsome and proud scent created by a unique blend that is fresh and clean. A necessity for staying mighty and humble. The scent will stay on your beard for hours but will never be overpowering to you or people around you.

Our Beard Oils host a blend of Hemp seed oil, Apricot oil, Grapeseed oil, Golden Jojoba oil, Castor oil and an essential oil blend.

Each bottle is 1 oz/ 30 ml in size

Best used right out of the shower. Pat dry your beard and massage STOUTHEART beard oil into your beard and face. For stubble length beards use just a single drop. Beards at .5 inch to 1 inch use 2 drops. 1.2-2 inches 3 drops. 3 inches or longer 4-5 drops.